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Free Level 2 US Market Data Monthly Cash Back Bank Charges Reimbursement Tesla Fractional Shares*0.02
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Free Level 2 US Market Data
0 Commission On US & HK Stock

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Tesla Fractional Shares *0.02

* New users need to sign up & open uSMART Standard or Intel account to get bonuses. $0 commission charges for all US, HK, SG stocks *until 31 December 202 $0 settlement fees for all US stocks *until 31 December 2022

Deposit Bonus

Bonus A

Bank Charges Reimbursement

RewardFirst deposit
USD $15≥USD $200
USD $35≥USD $1,500

Bonus B

Monthly Cashback Valued Up To $360


Consecutive 6 Months

Valued up toFirst deposit

Average asset

Maintain 30 consecutive days

Complete trades

US stock/option trades

USD $6USD $36≥USD $200USD $2002
USD $30USD $180≥USD $1,500USD $1,5003
USD $60USD $360≥USD $10,000USD $10,0006
*Terms & Conditions Apply. For details, please refer to T&C.

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How to use the wire transfer Voucher?
Wire Transfer Voucher issued to your uSMART account under this promotion can be found in [uSMART App > Me > Rewards Centre]. After depositing USD 200 or more, users can activate the corresponding wire transfer voucher and use it. After using, the corresponding value on the cash voucher will be credited into your uSMART account within 1 working day.
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